If you just stumbled on this site you may be asking yourself "Is this guy for real?" or "Is that really a guy?"

I'm Stu Rasmussen. I own and operate several small businesses in Silverton, Oregon (population 9,588). I have also served 24 years as an elected official in local government, as City Councilor, Mayor and member of the Silver Falls Library board. I completed my third 4-year term on the Silverton City Council in 2008 and ran for Mayor at that time. When I won, it was 'no big deal' here in Silverton, but for some reason that election attracted a lot of attention elsewhere.

I just happen to be transgendered - something I didn't even know the word for until I discovered it on the Internet. I've been a crossdresser or transvestite my whole life, only 'coming out' recently and thereby discovering that life goes on very nicely. Apparently, I'm the first openly transgendered Mayor of any US city - although there are T* people serving in public office around the world, this was a 'first' for the USA. Well, I guess somebody had to do it! 

Now I'm running for re-election as Mayor of Silverton. Check out the rest of this site to see more about my campaign, or use the following links for additional background.

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This magazine article , written by a close personal friend and originally published in the Journal of the International Foundation for Gender Education may be of interest, if you want a transgenderist's impression of breast augmentation surgery.

And also this one, after I won the 2004 council election .

There's also some video floating around on YouTube - just search for Mayor and Silverton and see what pops up.

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