I'm Stu Rasmussen - I'm running for re-election as Mayor of Silverton because I still believe that growth is not necessarily progress and bigger is not always better.

My friends, when you re-elected me as your Mayor two years ago, your expectations were clear: Govern wisely and economically to benefit the entire community.

We have made the first baby steps toward improving the safety of the Silverton Reservoir dam by approving an early warning monitoring system. This is only a 'Band-aid' and much more needs to be done. It was a struggle, and even this small first step would not have happened without my strong support.

The next two years are not going to be easy. This year a majority of your councilors agreed to spend almost $400,000 more than we will receive, and next year we won't have much in our savings accounts to tide us over.

I am still in the minority when it comes to fiscal responsibility. A small majority on your city council cheerfully hand out your hard-earned tax dollars as gifts, and happily approve spending well above and beyond what is needed to do the job. Not just once, not twice, but over and over.

Our Urban Renewal Agency siphons money from property taxes and diverts it to non-essential things like $60,000 for decorative street signs or $300,000+ for a 'Streetscape Project' while our critical needs are delayed or ignored.

As Mayor I don't have veto authority over wasteful spending; a simple majority of the council can (and does) fritter away your money.

The council is now asking Silverton voters for extra tax money to continue operating our swimming pool while splurging on this fluff and frou-frou! Where are our priorities?

I believe that running a city should be a lot like running a business - and I know something about running a business. I've been an entrepreneur and successful small business owner right here in Silverton for over 40 years.

I believe it's time to send City Hall a clear message: Stop squandering our tax dollars! If you honor me with your vote to be your Mayor again, please also vote for council candidates who will really deliver fiscal responsibility.

I don't claim to have all the answers, but I recognize good ideas when I hear them. I'm very accessible - I live and work right here in Silverton and you know you can call me at home (503-873-8005) or find me at the Palace Theatre when you have a City issue to discuss.

If you value our small-town lifestyle and don't want to see it disappear, please help with my campaign to Keep Silverton Silverton! Your financial help to cover the cost of advertising and mailings would also be greatly appreciated - click here to contribute via PayPal.

Thank you for your vote!

Stu Rasmussen

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